As hot as he is, I can’t find Magneto sexy because he has the same name as my dad.
My favorite X-men verse is comics, even though I have never read them.
Angel is hot. I love his body, it’s glorious
Kelsey Grammer was a horrible cast for Beast! He made me hate that character. 

Anonymous said: You said this is a side blog, so how do you let more than one person run it with you?

On the side blog > Members.


Anonymous said: Do you follow back???

Alas my fair anon but this is a side blog so we can’t even if we REALLY wanted to (which we do, quite a lot). But if you message us we can check out your blog and maybe follow you on our personal blogs..

Although we can’t follow back we do send buckets of:


Because we love you


I love Michael Fassbender and he is amazing as Magneto, but I loved Magento the most way before he played him. Him and Ian McKellen played the part perfectly!

Anonymous said: Confession: X-Men aren't even real omg you guys da fuck is wrong witchu??/?//?/1??!?!??!!??!?!/12 You should make a new confessions blog called nutella confessions where people post their confessions about shit they done wit nutella lolololol like this one time, I was playing my trumpet but my friend put nutella in it so I ate my trumpet and it really hurt omg I had to go hostpital xoxoxo <3

X-Men aren’t real?! What even..? IDEK there are no words. 

And especially for you anon:

- Maisie

Logan/Remy is my OTP. I know it doesn&#8217;t make any sense at all, but that doesn&#8217;t stop me from loving the pairing.
Good or bad, young or old, I don&#8217;t care. Magneto is a badass and I love him. I always hated how he was cured in the movies.